Friday, August 8, 2008

Opening Ceremony party and Numbers

Today was filled with quite the diversity. Anything from talking to managers on the phone to rushing to the store to grab some ice cream for the party as the opening Ceremony of the Olympics were tonight. :) Today is quite special day for the Chinese people as it's 8/8/08. The number 8 is related to fortune and such. So today when i went to grab some ice cream at the grocery store it was jam packed to the hilt. I just figured people were grabbing party stuff right before the opening ceremony. Lots of things were 8% off because todays date. So I took advantage and bought some stuff I would normally not buy. Today I was seeking Dad and asking if I should go home for a period of time to regroup with my company and re-stratagize. I got the word to go home. I was so excited that he gave me answer and that it was a way i was totally unsuspecting. Now to just figure out when He wants me to come home.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Letters and Olympics

Today was an interesting day to say the least. Right now in China there are many things going on. As well as the branch I have joined out here is going through a lot of changes and people leaving. As well as the managers changed for about 6 months or so. The part of the company back home is proposing I move back to regroup with the rest of the branch and re-stratagize. Then move back out here in another 4ish months. This is heart breaking for me as I would hate to leave here for even a period of time as it has become my home. I can see the wisdom in going home for a time but at the same time have thoughts of things will be fine if I stay. I really need Dads help and His words for what needs to happen. I've spent the day talking to managers and talking to Dad. I need people to help me in asking for wisdom and His advice not mans. Thanks to ya all. :) I'm excited as the Olympics start tomorrow. :) Can't wait to watch it. I LOVE the Olympics. Competition is what like the most in the Olympics. That's what it's all about. My heart races as I see people competing against each other. It's a WAY exciting time. :)

8/6/2008 "Wednesday"

Today was a day of rest as the last 10 days I've been running around from morning to night. I sat around my house for the most part regaining my strength and such. Hanging out on Facebook and Skype chatting and catching up with my friends and where they are at. As well as chatting with my roommate. I went out to a Tibetan bar where the Native Americans were doing dances among the evening performances. I like this bar a lot as it is a chillax atmosphere and "clean" meaning no prostitutes and drugs. All the Tibetan bars I have heard of have that reputation thus me not going. But this one I would even recommend my family and friends to go to this place for an evening if they were here. :)

8/5/2008 "Tuesday"

Today was a day of waking up early after a night of partying...Uggghhh. Thankfully there was coffee as well as a good breakfast at the place where we were teaching Chinese "culture" to the Native Americans. We wanted to make sure they don't "offend the Chinese as well as how to get around, phone numbers for people if you are having troubles somewhere...etc. We took them out to lunch and then went to the Tibetan market for the day. I and another couple were helping barter as well as translate for them. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were a lot more Tibetans there that day then this last spring. I got to have plenty of conversations with people i have met before or newly met. So exhausting but fun. :)

8/4/2008 "Monday"

Today was the final day of English camp. As well as the day the Native Americans came to town. The morning was filled with the last chapter of the book and the anticipation for the afternoon ceremony. Most of the ceremony was in Chinese so it was kind of boring but there was another guy who was there who is Chinese and is fluent in English. :) I'm so thankful he was there to be able to translate. :) During and after parents, campers and teachers were crying. Was a very emotional time. I say thank you a lot to Chinese. In the Chinese culture you rarely say "Thank you" Many parents and students were thanking there teachers and parents. I had little boys coming up to me saying thanks and weeping. They storys that came out of that day were very interesting. You had a kid who had spent 17hrs a day on the computer as a hacker. He creates and changes programs and is only 14. He has been doing it for 7 years. His parents sent him to English camp just to get him away from the computer. There's another kid who is father died right after his wife gave birth and a year or so later his mother dropped him off at his grandparents house and never came back. There were so many touching storys. In the evening after all the students left we as teachers went out to dinner to celebrate the end of camp. We also went karaokeing and went to a place to play pool. Needles to say I didn't get back to my apartment until like 2:30 am. The Chinese know how to party hard.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Disappointment and teaching

Today was interesting as I went to my friends house to see what in the world this "thing" was that I pulled out and then made my forehead swell to a nice size. It was so boring the just ended up being an ingrown hair or something of the sort...kind of disappointing when your looking at the possibilities of a worm having crawled out of your head. I ended up dropping everything that I was going to do today and helping out an English teaching school as one of there teachers was out sick for the day and they couldn't find a foreign teacher. As soon as i showed up 45 min before classes started they gave me 3 student and teacher books for the 3 different classes i was going to teach. Had 45 min to make a plan for 3 different classes. Well here in China that is how life goes. There's no planning just through it together at the last second. :) So it didn't really help that the curriculum was supposed to be taught in no less then 3 1/2 hrs but here they taught it in an 1 hr. Lets just say I was falling behind a little bit as I'm not used to the fast pace of teaching like that. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Puddles, Worms and Competitions

This morning right before i was getting ready for leaving to teach at the LYCE I thought I had a pimple and I squished it and out came a least I think it is a worm. I'm going to a good friend of mine who's a microbiologist who is going to put it under the microscope to see if it really is a worm. Now my head were the "worm" came out has a big ol goose egg and looks like i got whacked with something.

I was walking home from eating dinner at the muslim diner across the street from my house it had been raining and just stopped right before i got done eating. As I was walking home I stopped to get an ice cream bar which the shop owner said it was 2 RMB which i replied in shock saying really??? He then said no it's 1.5 RMB...1.5 is the normal price. :) As i was trying to avoid stepping into the puddles as I wear sandals 95% year round. Dad started speaking to me about how there are so many puddles deep and shallow and sometimes you can't see them to well which you end up stepping into them. It's life sometimes we are going to choose or accidentally step into a puddle. He offers to help us out in stepping around or carrying us.

Tonight was the speech competitions and practicing there english at the main square. There was quite the big crowd that gathered to hear the schools english progress and such. Afterwards the students went out to teach the crowd english that they have learned over the past six days. There was great excitement and a spirit of unity during the speech competitions. Clapping and cheering on there fellow mates to encourage them when they were doing a superb job, stumbling along or about to cry because of the pressure.